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 this is important issue for our clan please read it

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PostSubject: this is important issue for our clan please read it   Sat Jun 07, 2008 9:58 pm

and amenes is last person leave our clan...
azzerelda is same...

we are losing np...where is everybody?

we need online person.
i want alliance for my brother and fobos asking is there any online?
but there is no online user in our clan we can't look online user in ally.

i went last 6 wars and i can't see anybody...

and i want say something...i never go another clan...i am AIR we are AIR...AIR will live forever.but i want an ally for my brother only Smile))
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Zaraki Kenpachi


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PostSubject: Re: this is important issue for our clan please read it   Mon Jun 09, 2008 10:47 am

Asuskuni relax......

people come people go....

Azzerelda and amenes are gone they will be missed...

But so many came so many left ....The true ones are always the ones that close the door at the end....we know who these people are...and that is why AIR is AIR for so many years.

All i can say to those who left...is u will be missed and have fun and good luck to your new clans we had fun when we were together i hope you find a similar or better environment to play...

About the people not online..now
Gami is offline because he has no premium no souls no hp pots and no money to put premium....I promise you as soon as i get some money i will be with premium

Fobos Kostacula are in a very crucial time in their carrier...They are been transferred in their job environment and they need to find some time away of the game to sort out their personal life.

Dont forget hara dikastis ....Lernea/Filo (haris) ...

As ou know the clan is comprised of people of 30+ age....this means most of us have important businesses and responsibilities...Remember MAYORCA...
The woman is a mom....
so is hara...
what i want to say is ...you cannot leave everything to chance and go play a game forever...some times you must attend to your family, kids, husbands, wives....and also your job.

Anastasios and viki.....are a simple example....tasos works alot and he has little time to spend to the game.,...but he is with us to play and have fun when he finds the time...
THAT is REALLY hard when you work all day and come home at 11pm totally exhausted. Even though this might be the case, he and viki spend as much time as possible and are with the rest of us when they can.

Class also has school and so do you....How many times i heard aishe saying get away from the pc Very Happy:D:D:D

Dargo, sir jim, haris and all the rest are taking a time off....they probably need it as most of us.

To finalise...The biggest factor for ppl offline is SUMMER Very Happy:D:D
Warm weather sun and beers are a great reason to stay away from pc and the game.
Winter time we all go back to the game and summe time we play less.

About NP....
OUR MAIN GOAL AS A CLAN IS TO GO GRADE 1 and change to a higher cape.
We are not interested in rankings....especially when they are false....in KODB...
We play this game for fun we dont want to be slaves of it....
That is what makes us AIR...we want to be free and breath the AIR of the game not be restricted by it.

BE PATIENT and you will see that the cycle of the game will be like always, summers away .....winters in the game.

We are all here and ONLY 1 ventrilo login away Very Happy


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this is important issue for our clan please read it
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