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 about bifrost

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PostSubject: about bifrost   Fri May 09, 2008 7:49 am

i don't loot md cleaver or something...

only BUS shard ib and frags...

because bus shard ib and frags important things.we are looting and share...this is good.

i have 2 idea...let's see them

1) we don't loot md cleaver gold coin or something because they are not important...

if they are not important let's loot them and sell npc...who have drop sell npc..

and share again shard ib bus and frags...nobody fight for this because they are not

important for this idea.

2) if they are important we must loot everything without soul and candy...

and when party finish..shards ib busses and frags share....

but cleaver glave and md or something don't share.

i don't fight for this because if i don't have anything for this party...i know i will have

some md next party..
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about bifrost
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